Why do you need to use the Cloud when doing Teleradiology?

A quick look at some of the reasons why..

Why do you need to use the Cloud when doing Teleradiology?

The availability of radiology images in digital format, accessible from any place and at any time no doubt helps expedites the Reports creation/delivery process.

Cloud plays a vital role because it provides scalability and the performance needed.

The Radiologist accesses the system with a Browser and makes the report a lot quicker. The same system ensures prompt electronic delivery by replacing Image Transfer with simple notification that the Report is ready for download.

A Cloud Teleradiology system should have similar benefits as a PACS-RIS and it should comply with the requirements of any image center. Remote interpretation by the Radiologist can then be done without being full time at an Image Center.

Thanks to the continuous technology development and the reduction of entry costs, studies based on DICOM images are becoming more common and accessible to a large part of the industry.

These days most radiology centers or image centers are using Cloud infrastructure, which is scalable, secured and can, in a cost-effective way, archive large volumes of imaging data without an initial large investment, typically in hardware and software.

A Cloud Teleradiology system will allow you to obtain all these benefits, in addition to providing maximum privacy and data protection. With a proper authentication process in place, any stakeholder can access the system, and download their reports from anywhere anytime and from any device.


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Here are some of our CLOUD Services:

Infrastructure Setup

Setup your space on the Cloud with the right services, customized for Telereadiology.


Constantly keeping up with changes and upgrades, a worry-less task for you.

Workflow Implementation

Implement your process over the cloud with a digital Workflow. We'll give you and setup the right tools for you.

Technical Support

You can count on us to make sure there are no downtimes in your operation.

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