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Healthcare management for patients and health providers.


Dr. Lissa Jimenez


12 years of experience

How does
it work?

Quick subscription
This is not sales, licensing nor renting software. It’s not app development. It is a SaaS (Software as Service) where you simply open an account and you and your patients, start to use it. 

What do I need to get started?

You don’t need servers, hosting, programmers, long technical evaluations, compare options nor any other factors of software acquisition. We have a Professional Services area if any integration or costumization is required, but not needed. 

Mos important features


Full Patient management.


Electronic Clinical History


Online medical appointments - Turn-oriented schedule

Dr. Mary Hernandez

Primary Care Physician


Intelligent Medical Attention flux.


Swiftness, Comfort and Eficiency.


Internal Management Tools


Quick integration with AWS API Gateway.

What to expect?

Flamedic is ideal if your hospital, clinic and place of practice needs to get organized and better oversee patient’s info by creating a database and improving upon your existing process.

Besides, semi-automation of your process will help you manage more patients in less time.

Your patients will be able to do their own diligences online.

You’ll need fewer Administrative personnel.

Better control over your workload.

Better integration within your organization.

What about security?

We adhere to the Cloud ISO 27001, PCI, SOC, HIPAA, y Privacy Act Standards.

You’re always in control of your information.

Data is stored and protected on a global infrastructure to avoid any local issues.

We use rigid internal standards to keep information confidential.

Better integration within your organization.

Patient management wherever you are.

Thanks to our adaptable design, you’ll be able to manage patients everywhere you are. You can access the website from any device and log in. 

Patient management wherever you are

Thanks to our subscription bases system, no installation fees or permanence contracts are required.

First 50 cases are free. Monthly payment:


$ 950
  • Pacientes ilimitados
  • Doctores ilimitados
  • Historia clínica ilimitada
  • 100 citas al mes


$ 1900
  • Pacientes ilimitados
  • Doctores ilimitados
  • Historia clínica ilimitada
  • 200 citas al mes
  • Soporte técnico por correo


$ 3800
  • Pacientes ilimitados
  • Doctores ilimitados
  • Historia clínica ilimitada
  • 500 citas al mes
  • Soporte técnico por correo
  • ($0.10 USD por cada cita adicional)


Clinics, hospitals, medical offices and private practices.

Flamedic is a patient, clinical history and appointment management tool.

Flamedic lets you create a patient account, which allows access to your clinical history and schedule appointments. You can also schedule a new appointment with your doctor directly from Flamedic.

Physicians, patients, and medical office staff. 

Flamedic can be downloaded from Google Play. iOs and Web version coming soon.

We have several plans adjusted to your volume of work.

Only app instalation is needed.

The first 50 appointments are free, no credit card is needed. This will allow you to try out our tool and make an informed decision.