Is Geolocation useful for Business?

Is Geolocation useful for Business?

At first glance, it appears that knowing something or someone’s location may not be as critical when running traditional ops. In our experience we had found that organizations are still figuring out how intelligent can a workflow get when location is part of the algorithm that runs the logic on mission-critical ops. Knowing the location is only part of the equation, where the fun begins is when you start using it in models that aim to help you achieve your objectives. Closing milestones, market share coverage, real-time pricing, dynamic resource allocation are just a few examples of the dynamics of applying Geo to your business. We’ve been having great experiences when we deploy mobiles apps connected to the Cloud for organizations that need a better grip on their field ops. What’s amazing is the improvement found on the dispatching and analytics side. Ask me for more info if you want.


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