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SWEVEN is a SaaS company that is dedicated to producing, among other products, the next generation of facilities and asset management software for the global market. The Cloud system, which includes cutting edge features like geolocation and mobile app integration, is currently being used in military bases and commercial facilities . Our technology can facilitate the

Wortix Online Healthcare Network

Global Online Healthcare system that helps you live a healthier life, with a team of doctors and health experts, in a wide range of specialized areas, with the most advanced and flexible services Worldwide.

ECOBPM (Facilities Maintenance)

ECOBPM is a CMMS for Gov Contractors fulfilling Task Orders currently. Whether dispatching Service Orders or doing Recurring Maintenance, ECOBPM is fully adapted to your contract requirements.

5 miles

5 Miles Geolocation

5 Miles is a global geo-collaboration app for mobile devices that turns your mobile phone into a broadcaster, connecting you with other 5 Miles users within a 5-mile radius.

5 miles streaming practico

5 Miles Streamer

5MS is a Cloud Platform that brings Media Streaming in a Tiles distribution format UI. also brings sensors and leverages from Mobile and Computer hardware…



Patient management wherever you are. With our customizable design you can manage patients anywhere you find you just have to enter the website from any device and log on.

EMA – Emergency Maintenance

Get help within minutes using EMA- Emergency Maintenance. Running a store? Managing a Site? If you need Reactive Maintenance done and don’t have the time to search for Techs EMA can do the work for you. EMA works with a combination of automated processes and a Call Center with friendly staff ready to dispatch the



With Fivecast you’ll know what’s near you at the right time. Get notifications in your device when things you care about are published.

Geolocation for the Enterprise

Geolocation for the Enterprise

At our Techno Global labs, we have started using Geolocation since mid 2009. Given our strong background (20 years) in building Enterprise solutions we couldn’t help thinking about the use of Geolocation for large organizations. We understood that there was already a vast amount of information sitting on many database servers. Web front ends, mobile



Inventorio is a Cloud Platform that allows you to monitor assets in your inventory using Bluetooth, GPS, Mobile and AWS Cloud. This technology allows Inventorio to update your Inventory dynamically, most of the times without your intervention. It can be used to keep a global or local inventory, inventory is shown using google maps (including

Queue Management

In Techno Global we develop Queue management systems that allows you to have real time information, letting you know of a precise time and arrival time of your services. It provides you with an interactive way to control your units, techs, providers, companies and more; and integrate it with mobility tools such as smarthphones or


Bliss Geo (Visualize your DB in a Map)

Bliss is a Geolocation Mobile System built with AWS (Amazon Web Services), that empowers any organization with two key benefits: to search/show its enterprise data over a map, and to enable “The Office” in knowing where “Everybody Is” on real time (Sales People, Managers, Drivers, Agents, Workers and anyone working outside the office). Bliss also