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Developer Laravel

Front-End And Back-End Development. Handling Of Laravel 5 And Its Following Versions. Management Of Bootstrap 3. Management Of JAVASCRIPT, HTML5, JQUERY, CSS3. Knowledge Of Linux Operating System And MySQL Database Management. ACTIVITIES: Development Of Applications And Web Modules For Existing Platforms. Correction Of Errors Found In The System. Monitoring The Behavior Of The Web Application And Support In The Implementation And Training In The Development Of Modules On Web Platforms.   Advanced knowledge (more than 3 years) in Laravel PHP and VUE
AWS Lambda Developer

Knowledge In AWS Lambda Code (Lambda Function), Particular Bucket Knowledge Of Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Kinesis Streaming, Amazon SNS And BackEnd Services, Java, Go, PowerShell, Node.Js, C #, Python And The Ruby Code, And API’s.

· Create Custom Back-End Services. · Monitor Performance In Detail. · Execute Code In Response To Requests From Amazon Cloud Front. · Integration With AWS Identity And Access Management. · Administration Of Computing Resources. · Organize Your Codes In Lambda Functions. · Process Streaming Data Stored In Amazon Kinesis.

AWS Architect

Knowledge Of Servers, Platforms, Storage Solutions, Connectivity And Software, Depending On The Chosen Cloud Model: Public, Private Or Hybrid, Application Architecture, Integration Architecture, ITSM / ITOM.
· Develop And Coordinate The Cloud Architecture, Develop A Cloud Adoption Strategy And Coordinate The Process, Provide Hardware Software Solutions To Optimize The Infrastructure, And Perform Monitoring And Privacy Tasks In The Cloud.
· Plus Any Of The Following Certifications: AWS Certified Solutions Architect Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect.
· IBM Cloud Computing Solution Architect.

Developer Mobile apps

Knowledge In Android, IOS. Programming Structures. Quality Standards In The Software Industry. Web Services, Web Technologies, Web Design And Animations And Knowledge In Scrum / UML / TDD / IC. ACTIVITIES: Creation, Maintenance And Implementation Of The Source Code That Integrates The Applications.
°Influence On Graphic Design And Application Usability.
°Develop Web Applications. Creation Of Application Stores.
°Support That Is Used For Its Correct Operation.
°Review Quality Standards To Ensure That Products Comply With Applicable Design Regulations.
Minimum experience of 3 years

Lead Generation Specialist

Knowledge In Lead Scoring, Knowing The Different Types Of Leads (Cold, Qualified For MQL Marketing, Qualified For SQL Sales), Lead Generation, Display Campaigns, Content Marketing, SEM And Advertising On Social Networks.

Functions: · Production Of Quality Content. · Analyze The Distribution Strategy. · Optimize Forms. · Track Results. · Carry Out Inbound Marketing Strategies.

Minimum experience of 3 years.

Marketing Campaigns Manager

Knowledge In Content Marketing Focused On Selling And Persuasion. Knowledge In Affiliate Marketing To Define The Budget Within The Project, Inbound Marketing, Social Media, Design And Web Analytics, GoogleAdWords.

· Define The Target Audience To Which A Product Or Service Is Going To Be Offered. · Develop Strategies For Setting Prices Respecting The Goals Of The Company And Ensuring Customer Satisfaction. · Manage Product Distribution Channels. Work Together With The Different Areas In Order To Develop Strategies Capable Of Attracting New Customers. · Develop And Implement Advertising And Marketing Strategies And Campaigns In The Short And Long Term. Plan And Supervise The Implementation Of Marketing Campaigns And Strategies, · Determine Ways To Measure The Impact Of Marketing Strategies.

Minimum experience of 3 years

Social Networks CM

Bachelor’s Degree In Communication, Digital Media Or Marketing. Some Specialization Or Knowledge In Various Social Networks (Fb, Tw, Ig). Knowledge In Google And FacebookAds. Excellent Writing, Good Spelling. Creative, With Design Ideas And Advanced English. Absolute Availability, Not Working, And Excellent Internet Connection

More than 1 years of verifiable experience

Email Campaigns

Ensure Messages Are Sent In Proper Form And Template.
Proofread Emails For Clarity, Grammar, And Spelling.
Develop A Personalization Strategy.
Include Specific Graphics, Incentives, And Detailed Descriptions.
Review Messages For Brevity.
Send Messages To Those Who Have Opted In For Messages.
Ensure Messages Are Mobile-Friendly.
Create Database Of Emails For Lead Generation.
Follow Up On Interested Respondents.
Purge Non-Deliverable Email Addresses And Opt-Outs.
Include Persuasive ‘Call-To-Actions’ In Advertisements And Promotions.
Place Orders For Products.
Design And Write Press Releases.
Track And Analyze Direct And Interactive Marketing Campaigns.
Use Statistical Analysis And Reports To Create Campaigns.
Coordinate And Monitor The Maintenance, Integrity, And Security Of Several Databases.
Minimum 2 years experience. Intermediate English (desirable)

Graphic Designer (Per Project)

Intermediate English Curriculum And Portfolio Knowledge: Web Design, Branding Creation, Multimedia Development And Advertising Art. Programs Inkscape:
-Experience In Montage And Photo Editing
-Adobe Illustrator
-Adobe Photoshop
-Corel Draw

At least 3 years of experience

Project Manager

Bachelor’s Degree In Administration (Or Similar), Attention To Accounts And Clients, Monitoring The Needs Or Requirements Of Clients. Knowledge Of Software And Technologies. Experience In Sales (US Market), Project Management, Personnel Management.

Advanced english essential

Administrative Assistant for the Admissions Department

Receive Visits From Hospital Clients, Applying Quality Of Service And Protocol Criteria, In Order To Channel Their Requests Efficiently And Promptly.
Perform The Necessary Steps To Refer Patients To The Emergency Service According To The Established Instructions.
Follow The Steps Necessary To Process The Client’s Admission, As Well As Their Hospital Discharge According To The Established Protocols.
Establish Communications With Clients In A Foreign Language, Attending To Their Requirements.
Issue Invoices, According To The Companies Or Private Clients.
Submit These Invoices To The Billing Department.
Invoice Collection Of Private Clients Of The Hospital.
Record Data And Texts Following The Instructions, In Order To Ensure Correct Recording In The Shortest Time.

Ensure The Accuracy Of The Recorded Data, Verifying It With The Originals.
Comply With The LOPD Regulations Regarding The Processed Documentation.
Write And Complete The Documents And Forms Of Communication Or Information, With Neatness, Using Conventional Or Digital Means Available, In Order To Convey The Best Image Of The Organization To Its Clients.

Receive Phone Calls And Refer To The Corresponding Department That They Request.
Execute The Cash Settlement In Accordance With The Established Procedure.
Make Appointments For Tests And External Consultations To Clients According To The Instructions Received By The Hospital’s Medical Staff.
Guarantee The Custody, Access And Reproduction Of Medical Records In Conventional Support, Applying Internal Procedures And Legal Regulations Regarding The Conservation, Security And Confidentiality Of The Information, In Order To Facilitate Its Reliability And Authenticity.
Receive And Indicate The Distribution Of The Material From The Different Hospital Providers.
Manage Email Quickly And Efficiently.
Other Functions May Be Assigned.
At least two years of experience. Intermediate-advanced English. HEALTH SERVICES EXPERIENCE is a must.


Healthcare Nurses

Professional License, Title (In The Case Of Technical Nurses Technical Title), Willingness To Help, Empathy Nt.

Minimun two years working as a doctor and / or nurses.

Personnel recruitment and selection specialist

Preferable Experience In IT Profiles Degree: Psychology, Administration, Human Resources Or Related. Intermediate English. Management Of Different Job Boards Interviews Sense Of Urgency. Committed To Work I Work Under Pressure

Minimum: 1 year as remote recruiting experience

UX / UI Designer

Intermediate English. Studies: Design In Charge Of Designing The Customer Experience In An Optimal Way. Extensive Knowledge In User Experience For Mobile And Web Applications. Knowledge Of HTML, CSS And / Or Javascript Languages. Design Of Products. Usability And Ease Of Navigation (Visual Aspect Of The Interface). Create Or Improve Existing Services.

At least 3 years of experience


Engines For The Terms Of Interest.
Knowledge In Online Reputation Management.
Extensive Experience In The Management And Configuration (SEO) Of WordPress.
Experience In Content Optimization.
Excellent Spelling And Writing Skills.

Execution Of Search Engine Optimization.
Implement Best Practices And Guidelines Recommended By Google.
Content Hierarchization, Metadata, On Page SEO.
Implement Linkbuilding Strategy.
Keyword Research For The Generation Of New Blog Articles.
Keyword Tracking Of The Blog
Lead Online Reputation Strategy And Brand Presence In Search Engines.

2 years of experience in On page and Off page SEO: keyword research, internal linking, 301 redirects, trackers and response codes, etc.

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